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in boston where they are getting hits the very hardest. massachusetts expected more than 20 in. of snow here in boston they are expecting to feet and it could be as high as 3 ft. of
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snow about 30,000 people in newfoundland are without power already as a result of this storm. our after our this snow is piling up from pennsylvania- main plank in the northeast putting millions of americans at risk. at this point stay where you are, stay warm if you lose power. the worst of the weather is expected to hit boston and run through friday afternoon for saturday morning. in portland made a 19 car pile up left no serious injuries but it underscored the dangers of this massive storm. during the brunt of the storm we hope that you all take the opportunity to stay home with family and friends governors throughout the region declared states of emergency heavy winds causing widespread
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power outages. thousands of canceled flights have left tens of thousands stranded at airports. new york is expected to see 1 ft. of snow but superstore sandy is fresh on the minds of many new yorkers. it is not just going to be the wind and it's not just going to be this snow officials are also warning folks in the coastal cities along the eastern seaboard to be wary of flooding how bad is it really going to get? >> it is an amazing storm.
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explosive in tens of occasions that left the georgia coast look at the configuration hurricane force winds already been reported. more than 1 ft. of snow is down already across connecticut look as some of the snow totals down here. the new york city area has been hit here as well. run down the list here sunny brook n.y.. all kinds of
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advisories' out east. we have our own storm out in the plains states 4700 flights nationwide canceled today officials reporting over 220 flights cancelled, at midway over 30 likely to be the same story tomorrow so if you are scheduled to travel, stay tuned. nothing
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official yet still some loose ends being tied up in washington but there was a deal between former congressman jesse jackson jr. that could put him behind bars. please guilty to misusing campaign funds for nearly three months the rev. jesse jackson mob during an appearance today a brush of questions about that report the deal between his son and the fed's they will have to wait for the appropriate time he said they say that they haven't heard what the details are and they
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have not asked. i think they note that there are thousands and thousands of people who feel as i have expressed that it is so unfortunate that this scenario has developed. jesse jackson jr. and his wife has been neither seen nor heard from there has been no activity around their home we learned that the couple has been living out of their washington d.c. town house to avoid the crush of chicago media. the jail time is likely under a blind plea agreement that would leave the
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former congressman's fate in the hands of a federal judge in washington. this is true and if this is what comes on then i think that probably jackson's lawyers have decided who would rather rolled the dice and take a chance with whatever we get he has agreed to something it may very well be, that an election promise from the government it would explain why he would proceed to the stadium twice. cindy jackson who resigned from city council last month also the subject of a federal investigation. it's not just the campaign finance money but the fact that the couple has had reports of personal use some or all of it on their taxes. at one
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point a couple offered to pay back but the fed said, no deal is too late. we are told that it was for jackson himself the watch was, there were other things pay for like carpets and repairs for their washington d.c. home. neither jackson could be reached for comment today but we do know that jackson and his wife have lived separate personal lives for three years. new developments tonight in the investigation into the murder of a chicago teenager the firstly prepares for her funeral tomorrow and white mayor emanuel about to sever ties with chicagos red light cameras.
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pendleton has become the national symbol of violence plaguing chicago streets. good evening and impressive turnout for this presentation that just wrapped up as you mentioned a very high profile funeral tomorrow. mourners began gathering outside the funeral home well before the doors opened at 2:00 p.m. after entering the first thing they see as a new painting of pendleton the 15 year-old girl was shot to death last week on chicago's south side and has since become the face of gun violence that plagued the city and the nation, michelle obama will attend tomorrow's funeral. we graciously appreciate the idea because it says to us that not only is she coming in
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support of our family but she is apparent. >> a family spokesperson says the girl's parents will be making a statement today because they want the focus to be on her. she had recently taken part in the president's inaugural festivities in washington only one week before she was gunned down about 1 mi. from obama's home. i remember her as a really funny, happy and sweet girl. it really fun person to be around. mourners have been paying respects all afternoon, many are from the neighborhood and they say they feel like they have lost their child. they want to come out and support the family. the majority did not know the family personally but want to show their support. i lost two family members to gun violence so i know what they are going through as for catching her
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killer gary mccarthy says police have made progress but so far no or arrests today he focused his comments on the big picture we believe this has something to do with gang violence so this is rightfully bringing attention to the problem that every urban sector in this country is experiencing every single day the reward money for pendleton's killer is now up to $40,000 and thousands are of course expected for tomorrow's funeral that service will be held at the greater hartford baptist church you can watch the funeral services for pendleton live tomorrow when our
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coverage begins at 11:00 a.m. the emanuel administration will not renew a contract with the red light cameron bender when that deal expires in july the investigation found that systems gave free trips the former city of chicago official says the trips were worth a thousand dollars and included tickets to the super bowl and other sporting events mayor emanuel has already disqualified the company from bidding on the new speed cameron initiative coming up the search for an alleged cop killer in southern california and we now know what caused a partial blackout at the super bowl and there is a chicago connection to it officials trying to figure out who hacked into the bush family e- [ washer and dryer sounds ]
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shine from the inside out with activia. ♪ dannon ♪ whether playing a major factor in california for a suspected killer and former los angeles police officer smoke is falling in the big bear lake area it is good for tracking footprints but is bad for searching for the air with sensors. eventually fired him in 2008 along with her fiance. the murder of a riverside police officer many of the people here are armed my fear has actually been not that panic would ensue but more that someone would see something and take it into their own hands. we are doing the best we can our
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folks are out there doing everything they can to catch the guy and it is their primary mission as well to be safe and to catch him. they threatened to hurt not just police officers about their family members as well he was fired in 2008 the girl that was shot by the taliban released from hospital today. they restore hearing to her left ear they shot her at point-blank range because she spoke out about educating girls in her country we finally know what caused the power to go out for 40 minutes in the middle of the super bowl energy officials say a device that was installed to protect the superbowl from the power line failure faltered and failed causing the black out the faulty device has been
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removed new equipment is being evacuatedevaluated. secret service is on the hunt for the hacker who broke into the bush family e- mail account smoking gun website rated 6 e-mail accounts for the bush family relatives and friends there are a couple of self portraits painted by george w. bush showing him in the shower and in the bathtub. more on the east coast blizzard the roads are empty we have stefanie in westchester new york where more than 1 ft. of snow is expected to fall. we're
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having some problems we will try to come back with her in just a little bit medical watch and to women using social media to raise awareness about a devastating disease.
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donating an organ for the belly button doctors in chicago are among the few performing the innovative procedure and they think it will boost the number of people willing to go under the knife for a loved one. this woman was donating a kidney to her mother who suffered from kidney disease for 36 years i feel fine and it is amazing. >> her positive spirit has a lot to do with this device is specially designed by this
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surgeon used to remove her kidney. in a traditional kidney removal, surgeons make three- four small incisions in the donor's abdomen so they can place instruments and de camera at the origin site you have multiple areas that are essentially bruised not a single incision it is changing the approach he made one cut in her navel to insert the special port which is designed to accommodate all the necessary instruments the same position is used to remove a kidney. if we make an incision at the belly button again and go through these we
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place a bag through the port we pull the kidney out from the same incision. i want to give my mom this kidney what ever it is you do, you do. the recovery time is so fast. there are four other sites around the country where doctors are performing simple incision kiddie removals, if you would like to learn more about the program, go to our web site. the east coast is getting pounded but we may actually see some of the snow in chicago melting there is a slight warm up and then he will have more on that blizzard. maybe another system coming through. and...done. did you just turn your ringer off so no one would interrupt us? oh no, i... just used my geico app to get a tow truck.
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you know there are some daffodils poking through the ground from north aurora heather scott send this along. beautiful scenes from tracy and margaret captured the lake bluff snow that fell yesterday, what a beautiful shot here is a neighborhood effort to the families on rosemary lane build a snowman in daetz no dog.
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we have some really hard-working folks around here who have taken advantage of this snow that we have kind of cloudy today there might be some breaks tonight but we will stay mostly cloudy in many areas tonight tomorrow we expect this on to come out temperatures will go up to about 34 just enough above freezing before the windy weather storm comes into chicago the air is not bitterly cold but you can see the arctic plunge into new england. the weather system that we are watching is this one out to the west and it is a pretty healthy and system. gulf moisture will not produce an overcast during the day but it will tomorrow night. there could be some sleep
9:31 pm
on the front end of it. these pink areas and the yellow areas are winter storm watches and a blizzard watches respectively a lot of wind with this system we are up to 6:00 tomorrow on this map look how the big numbers fillion we could get anywhere from 1/3-two-thirds of an inch of rain. 14.3 in. predicted up by fargo. indicating an
9:32 pm
incredibly powerful storm it the right are showing that new york hartford conn. boston and portland maine this is where the heavy snow has yet to fall all the way from connecticut and rhode island up the coastline for massachusetts we will add some numbers to this snow forecast. keep in mind it has been snowing this is how much will come down in addition to what is down already here are some new numbers these are being updated hour by hour. new haven connecticut has had 10 in. of snow and is still snowing as it will be at midnight. 30 ft.
9:33 pm
waves off of the coastline look at the wind gusts here is the forecast by noon tomorrow look at some of these numbers already. this is branford connecticut look how quickly this snow covers the ground same in newberg n.y. brattleboro vermont getting a good snow they have had a quiet winter as we have in many areas with subpar snowfall in many areas in
9:34 pm
boston they go into this storm with 10 in. on the books. this storm could lay down three times all of this snow falling up to this point new york has had 7 in. going into the storm this is a real smack in the face for folks in glint mostly cloudy, 14 in wind and 20 at o'hare and 20 to the low temperature and the city tomorrow some sunshine emerges modestly milder high up to 34 tomorrow strengthening tomorrow night as we cloud over and drop down to 28. temperatures of 44 probably will be reached during
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the daylight hours. a lot of went with that system around here so lots of whether to cover tonight. to blogger is on a mission to save lives why they are chicagos very own. ♪ making the big romantic gesture. that's powerful. verizon.
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yesterday marked the 13th annual national black hiv awareness day many came together to put the spotlight on a disease that activists say is not getting the attention that it should. two women making a stride with their project. they make hiv and aids... too young bloggerstwo young bloggers are putting the spotlight on a twist their national project that is getting attention. tweets have gone off
9:39 pm
from other famous celebrities as well in this started a chain reactionand it started a chain reaction. from a conversation the two had in college they learned that like most they both knew someone affected by aids karen has a friend diagnosed with hiv she has a friend with 20 cousins orphaned by aids in her native africa where each day 6000 people died from aids 11,000 and of all the women living with hiv in america 60 percent are black. she said we should do something because we're both loggers so we took her idea of doing something that was connected to red shoes
9:40 pm
and we got it in social media often times the catalyst that gets the age conversation going with women like this fellow blottergger the things we might be interested in superficially they bring the education in which is something that we all need. we want to use it as a conversation starter so while we have your attention wearing red shoes we will talk about hiv and aids, for the last five years this has been their fashion show gala held march 10th, national women and girls hiv aids awareness day. it is a way for them to get other people talking how to use it... this president has stepped up aids activism and taken
9:41 pm
awareness to a new level they are part of the vanguard of a new generation of young women who are raising a profile on this epidemic this generation needs to have its vanguard they need to keep the conversation going to remind people that hiv has not gone away. we sure that passion with the prevention of the disease as we do their one chicagos very own. for more information of the red pulp project you can go to our web site. next we will take you to the auto show opening to the public tomorrow but becausewe give a preview tonight.
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we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of tim and laura. it's amazing how appreciative people are when you tell them they could save a lot of money on their car insurance by switching to geico...they may even make you their best man. may i have the rings please? ah, helzberg diamonds. nice choice, mate. ...and now in the presence of these guests we join this loving couple. oh dear... geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. the chicago of the showof the show is just about ready to open its doors to the public. there he is taking a
9:45 pm
break from the morning show to tell us all about what is happening in mccormick place tonight. good evening it is a really good time right now mccormick place is a very exciting and elegant event people get to check out some of the best cars here at the chicago auto show i was here last year let me tell you there is more people here and i think it's more fashionable people really looking their best a lot of ladies have come in dresses and they say they were inspired by the exciting night they stepped their fashion game up this is the first time it has been on a friday night it's now also staying open until 11:00 p.m. as you can see this is just about as elegant as a hollywood gala doors are open a little bit
9:46 pm
early for people to get a good look at all of these cars for a good cause there's also a lot about music and cars million- dollar quartet provided the perfect soundtrack it really relaxed on crowded atmosphere. we also know a lot of people who said we are here to have a good time but we want to get a good look at the cars it was worth paying a bit of extra money to be here early. >> it raises a lot of money for charity people get great ideas it's a really nice way to see the auto show, not very expensive everyone here is looking fabulous in black tie attire we are having delicious food from all of the city's best restaurants and beautiful cars,
9:47 pm
i would want to be anywhere else. as you can see everybody having a really great time here tonight the real winners are charity 80 local charities will benefit from this event tonight it was announced over $2.1 million have been raised for those charities this is a great time for a new cause. tom skilling has our forecast. a nice night tonight the winds are not going terribly strongly in chicago we have some cloud cover blanketing the area 26 at o'hare, 27 at midway. tomorrow we warm into the 30's but on sunday we will warm into the '40's there has been snow on the
9:48 pm
east coast it started snowing in boston imagine losing your electricity and wind chills of single digits these little icons are areas where there has been wind damage reported already. milton massachusetts the gusts are in the third column at the right. here are some other gusts from that area it is a rough night out in new england. you
9:49 pm
will see the cold air start to make moves south later in the week. in fact friday next week here is the wednesday weather map with low pressure in mind. we might have some snow or sleet to worry about later in the week just after valentine's day
9:50 pm
we may have 20s before friday is older in the colder weekend next weekend. have a good weekend. >> still to come, a view from the sidelines. ac r [ female announcer
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to clean 50% more than a broom. it's a difference you can feel. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. and now swiffer wet and dry refills are available with the fresh scent of gain. we are not in play off mode yet. the bulls are just under way in salt lake city trading 26 in the first quarter 24 hours ago the bulls were in denver surrendering 128 points the most points surrendered to tom thibodaux. the bulls got hammered by things were a lot better down in champaign last night. illinois and bound in the corner. looking to inbound. what
9:54 pm
a game! what a game! and my dreaming this? oh my goodness. always exciting local radio hosts a great win for the program i am most happy for our players, most happy for seniors and i thought our seniors really stepped up and made a big play today i thought we played with a lot of trust. the blackhawks off
9:55 pm
until sunday at nash bill they are still on beekman. they settled the score against maryann hostaion hosa. patrick kane it scored two of them last night. he knew what his mission was and he wasted no time in carrying it out. trying to create momentum and we have a pretty good memory of what happened. they are from jammers grave that one gave me chills. i
9:56 pm
think he pumped up everyone on the bench and stepped up his game for us. i hope we can finish that up. >> finally, great drama this first grader and everybody will go wild as the ball goes in and... he got the entire school the day off at first half monday there is no word what happened to the guy he got a free throw into the river sang too rich that is the news for this friday night. thank you rich.
9:57 pm
that is the news for this friday night.
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